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The Ultimate Quiz For Bookworms!

Adrija Sen

September 5, 2022


Let’s celebrate #ReadABookDay with a quiz on all things related to reading! How many of these book-related trivia can you get right? Head to the last slide to match your answers with the correct ones!

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Which of these is the second book of the Harry Potter book series? A. The Order of the Phoenix B. The Half-Blood Prince C. The Chamber of Secrets

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Which author wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? A. Mark Twain B. Ernest Hemingway C. Charles Dickens

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Who created the popular adventure series of books for children, titled The Famous Five? A. Enid Blyton B. Roald Dahl C. Hugh Pollock

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Alice, Queen of Hearts, and  White Rabbit are characters created by which author? A. Lewis Carroll B. Oscar Wilde C. Hans Christian Andersen

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Which of these novels was written by the same author who penned The Lord of the Rings? A. A Tale of Two Cities B. Odyssey C. The Hobbit

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In which year was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee published? A. 1950 B. 1960 C. 1970

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From the following list, which is American comic book writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby's collaborated creation? A. DC Comic B. Marvel Comics C. Image Comics

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Find out the answers!

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1. C. The Chamber of Secrets 2.  A. Mark Twain 3.  A. Enid Blyton 4.  A. Lewis Carroll 5.  C. The Hobbit 6.  B. 1960 7.  B. Marvel Comics