Things to do when your child is bored

By Aparna Desikan

June 19, 2022

Take a nature walk

A nature walk can help your child observe nature and the environment they live in. Studies say that this also improves their social, emotional and cognitive learning capabilties.

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Help parents with chores

Involvement in chores can be made a fun parent-child bonding exercise. The child will not only learn essential chores but also appreciate their parents more.

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Solve a jigsaw puzzle

A challenging jigsaw puzzle can take hours to solve. Your child will be deeply involved in the puzzle and develop their own problem solving skills as well.

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Reorganise the room

Their room can be a life-sized jigsaw puzzle, which they can solve in multiple ways of their liking. This will help children overcome boredom, and also spark their creativity.

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Visit the library

Getting lost in a book is one of the most fulfilling ways to pass time. Enrol your child in a good library and stock up on all interesting books!

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Make a puppet show

A puppet is an effective way to create a story with imaginary characters. With this, your child can create a world of their own where their puppets take centrestage!

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Set up camp indoors

An indoor camp, complete with a tent, lights and appropriate food can be a fun experience. Children can also be involved in imaginative play activities along with their family members in this bonding activity.

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Make a time capsule

A time capsule has souvenirs of today, sealed in a container, to be opened years later. As the child comes up with things to fill the time capsule, they would not complain of boredom at all!

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