Attempting NEET Again?

By Sara Fathima

April 01, 2022

Take Stock 

Start by evaluating your previous performance. Identify your strengths and areas of improvement. .

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Set Your Goal

Now that you know where you  stand, the next step is to decide  where you want to be. So, you  begin by setting an achievable  goal.  .

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Keep On Track

Have a schedule in place and  manage your time effectively.  To cover the vast NEET syllabus,  practise sample papers, and  get to your goal.  .

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Clarity Is Key

Since you’re already familiar  with the paper pattern, use  this to your advantage to be  thorough in all the important  concepts. Focus more on  difficult topics. 

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Assess Your Prep

Solve PYQs and attempt mock tests  to acclimate yourself for NEET. While  you’re at it analyse your answer  sheets to find and rectify errors. 

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Stay Consistent

Preparing for NEET again can be overwhelming. The key is to take  it one step at a time and be  consistent in all the effort  you put in. 

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Nurture Yourself

One of the most important steps  in NEET prep is taking care of your wellness by eating healthy and making time for rest and self-care.

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Be Confident 

Finally, trust your ability to ace  NEET with effort. Celebrate small  wins every day and believe in  yourself. You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. 

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