Tips To Boost Your Child's Brain Health

By Aparna Desikan

April 11, 2022

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles go a long way in improving visualisation abilities. When a child puts together a puzzle, their concentration and problem-solving skills also improve.

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Memory games

Memory games help to improve attention to detail, focus, and observation skills. Including pictures in the games also develops their visual discrimination skills.

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Asking questions

When a child asks questions, it plays an active role in them learning independently. They are able to understand how the world works, thus improving their cognitive abilities.

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Role-play games

In role-playing games, with situations and roles that may resemble the child’s real life, they will not only think through the issues but also find answers, thereby improving their critical thinking abilities.

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Musical involvement

Being actively involved in music - playing or singing -  greatly helps brain development. Studies by Harvard University show that music engages and develops every area of the brain.

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Strategy games

Strategy games like chess and scrabble enable children to consider outcomes and think of best possible solutions to win, thus improving their critical thinking and quick decision-making skills.

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Reading books

Reading makes the child’s brain jump into action, maintain concentration and process all events happening around them. It improves language, literacy, and social-emotional skills.

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Yoga and play

A little yoga or a game every day can improve your child’s memory, focus, and academic performance. It also reduces anxiety and stress.

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