How To  Solve MCQs

By Ashritha Raghavendra

September 07, 2022

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Understand the Question

Always read the question twice. Do not assume an answer by just glancing at it. Competitive exams always include tricky questions to assess your conceptual clarity, so make sure you thoroughly comprehend the question. 

Start Simple

Struggling to solve a problem? Move on to the next one. Attempt the easier questions first to boost your confidence. This saves you time and can even help you arrive at the right answer.

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Get Rid of Incorrect Options

Filter out options that you know are incorrect to save crucial minutes of your time. Doing this also increases your chances of choosing the right option. 

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Double Check

Sometimes, even though the options are different, they involve the same numbers/spellings (Ex: 1414, 1144, 4141) to confuse you. In such cases, you must be extra careful to ensure you are marking the correct option.

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Beware of Wordplay

There is a stark difference between ‘None of the above’ and ‘All of the above’. You may even interchange their meanings when under pressure. Understand the question and try out different options to be sure of your answer.

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If there’s something inconsistent about an option, then it is very unlikely to be the answer. Ex: If the question is about volume, then the answer cannot be in cm or kg.

Be Smart About Dimensions

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Manage Your Time

Mentally divide your question paper into sections and allot specific time to each, depending on your confidence in the given topic. Make sure you have some time to review your answers in the end. 

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Top Tips To Ace MCQs

- Start early - Brainstorm possible questions     with your study group - Practise previous years’     question papers - Conceptual understanding     >> Memorising