Top Paid Engineering Jobs

By Priyanka Mehta

July 30, 2022

Data Engineer

Build the analytics infrastructure for an organisation that understands various coding languages. Data engineers can have a background in software development and use their knowledge to keep data secure from outside sources.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Build, test and gain insights into softwares that use data to automate predictive models. Meet the mix of data science and computer engineering at work. Innovate algorithms that facilitate machine learning, gearing data architects, scientists and professionals.

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Full-Stack Engineer

Develop and manage applications for both their front-end services and back-end maintenance. Get acquainted with client and software-side functions, interacting to build products of tomorrow. Full-stack engineers stand proficient in programming languages, including Python, PHP, HTML and others. 

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Automation Engineer

Identify and emerge in areas that can be automated, or can minimise human interference. Key strategists, automation engineers develop and adapt technology to improve the productivity and cost of a business process.

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Software Engineer

Build various computer systems and softwares as a software engineer. The profession looks for calibre in building business applications, network control, games or even an operating system (OS). Innovation, documentation and regular checks of softwares are common in the field.

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Systems Engineer

Become the person bridging gaps between engineers and management. Oversee the engineering and business sides of projects, ensuring harmony. System engineers help maintain the technological infrastructure of a company and evaluate project outcomes too.

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Marine Engineer

Design and construct plans for ships and other sailing vessels. Marine engineers study water conditions to identify potential threats to the instruments and devise ways to manage the same. Run tests in controlled environments to discover solutions.

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Industrial Engineer

Central to the manufacturing sector, industrial engineers optimise use of resources. The job helps explore effective ways to use technology, workforce, equipment and materials to generate a process that is cost effective and productive.

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Metallurgical Engineer

Become a specialist in studying metals, alloys and their properties. Metallurgical engineers explore various methods to purify metals. Create new, durable alloys that build better products.

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Structural Engineer

structural engineer Become the design and safety experts, who work to protect structures from collapsing under most conditions. Structural engineers work with architects, builders and other engineers to build sustainable structures.

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Environmental Engineer

Develop methods to combat pollution, waste management and health. Environmental engineers establish permits to distribute cities, companies and towns to implement and inspect locations periodically to ensure they comply with regulations.

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Communication Engineer

Contribute towards the transfer of information. Communication engineers research, design and develop resourceful equipment like to converse such as radios or telephones. Every instrument or equipment that communication engineers develop and install aims for better connectivity and signal reception between devices.

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Materials Engineer

Develop durable and sustainable substances, study existing materials and understand their properties diving into areas of improvement, as a materials engineer. Learn how to work around atomic structure of material to devise stronger and efficient substances. Materials engineers usually work in industrial laboratories to test and discover findings.

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Nuclear Engineer

Explore and develop systems that harness energy from nuclear reactions and radiation. Use nuclear energy consciously, keeping in mind consequences. Explore testing in simulated environments.

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