Unique Gifts To Buy For Your Toddler

By Sonakshi Kandhari 

18 October, 2022

Image source: Pexels

The festive season means purchasing the perfect gift for your child. If toys and clothes seem dull options, read on and get inspired with a gifting guide to add value to your child's life and bring a smile to their face.

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Tap into their imagination 

Children are loaded with creativity. Get them a toy which encourages pretend play or problem-solving. It could be a doll house, a kitchen set, or a set of building blocks that will bring a fresh experience every time they use these toys.

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Keeping them active

Participating in physical activities enhances their self-confidence. Gardening kits, bicycles, and ball games are a few gifts that include workouts and refining their physical skills.

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Doing it alone

Buying tickets to a movie they want to watch, a museum, a circus, or an amusement park helps them learn from a real-time experience, make memories and gives them stories to share.

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Something special

Make your child a handmade gift like a certificate, a greeting card or an item centred around their hobbies and interests. Such gifts are personalised and make your child feel valued.

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Hobbies do matter

Harbour their hobbies, whether cooking, dancing, music, painting, etc. Give them a course to cultivate and perfect the skills of their interest. It will make them happy and contribute to their versatility.

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Encourage reading

Gifting your child age-appropriate books can turn them into lifelong readers. If your child is yet to start reading, get them gifts which prepare them to read, such as magnetic letters, picture books, alphabet charts, etc.

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Promotes hygiene 

Get them a towel set in colours they love, with their favourite cartoon characters inscribed on it. Even a cute loofah and bathing toys will make the bath routine enjoyable.

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Encourage savings 

Your supervision and a piggy bank can help teach your child lessons on money and savings. And the experience of putting coins in it is something that they will thoroughly enjoy.

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