Ways To Nurture Language Skills In Children

By Sonakshi D Kandhari

July 31, 2022

Sing Along

Nursery rhymes help children grasp new words. It makes recollection and recitation easy. Even their auditory skills are refined in the process, which is a prerequisite for learning.

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Read Books

Picture books with comments contribute to vocabulary enrichment. It initiates conversations and instils a love for reading. Image and word identification help create and develop awareness.

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Puppets and Toys 

Stage a conversation with puppets and let your child take over. Witness how children learn to formulate their thoughts and converse. It also offers insights into what’s going on in their mind, which otherwise escapes notice.

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Naming game

Take time to name the objects in front of your child, whether in the park, kitchen, or supermarket. Having a conversation is the key, and repeating the name of objects will help recall them.

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Toy phones

You can use toy phones to initiate dialogues. Pretend to have a phone call with your child and encourage them to receive the call. It’s a lesson on phone etiquette and gives them an opportunity to develop conversation skills.

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Building blocks

Children spend hours with this game and learn the concepts of size and shape. If there are letters etched on it, this exercise helps with identifying and recalling letters too.

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Describe with touch 

Put an assortment of items in a cloth bag and ask your child to touch the object without seeing it. This is a guessing game where the child describes the objects while trying to identify them.

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Let your child decide

You can transfer the decision-making to your child once in a while. Allow them to pick a snack or purchase a toy of their choice. Not only is it empowering, but it also teaches your child to express their opinion.

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