Words That Don't Exist in English But Should!

By Madhavi Pothukuchi

26 October, 2022

Have you ever felt like expressing a very specific feeling and realised that the word doesn’t exist in English but in another language? Let's look at some of the words found in other languages that are unavailable in English.

Mencolek (Indonesian):

The trick of tapping someone on the shoulder and going to the other side so that they turn and see nobody there.

Abbiocco (Italian):

The feeling of sleepiness you get after eating a good meal. 

Voorpret (Dutch):

The feeling of excitement and happiness you get when a fun event is about to begin.

Shoganai (Japanese):

That moment where you shrug and accept what has happened, and it can’t be helped further.

Duende (Spanish):

When a piece of art – usually a flamenco dance – moves you deeply.

Retrouvailles (French):

The joy, memories and thoughts that come when you meet someone again after a long time. 

Pana Po’o (Hawaiian):

The act of scratching your head when trying to remember something.

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