10 Incredibly Enormous Islands in the World

July 7th, 2023

By Sonakshi Khandari Govind Kolady

Islands are land masses surrounded by water on all sides that paint a pretty picture. The common misconception that people have about islands is that they are scarcely populated, but that’s not always the case.  Discover 10 of the world’s largest islands whose massiveness and bustling population can immerse you completely!.

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It is the world’s 10th-largest island and Canada’s third-largest island. Sizewise, it spreads over 1,96,235 square kilometres. But population-wise, it is home to 200 people because of the harsh conditions. The island is also home to the world’s northernmost human settlement, Albert.

Ellesmere Island

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Named after Queen Victoria and resembling Canada's national symbol Maple leaf, this island  is the country's second-largest after Ellesmere. Despite its vast expanse of 2,17,291 square kilometres, its population remains sparse due to its polar climate.

Victoria Island

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With an area spanning 2,09,330 square kilometres, this island is the world's third-most populous and home to the majority of the United Kingdom  population. It has an important historical role as a former British Empire territory and a prominent cultural advancement hub.

Great Britain

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

This island is not only the world's most densely populated but also hosts 81% of Japan's inhabitants. Several iconic Japanese cities, including Tokyo, are situated here. Spanning 2,27,690 square kilometres, it continues to expand through land reclamation.


Indonesia’s second-largest and second-most populous island covers an expanse of 4,43,064 kilometres. Besides its size, the island is a source of fascination for its rainforests and animal species, including endemic species like the Sumatran Tiger and the Sumatran Elephant.


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Sitting on Mozambique's East Coast, this island is inhabited by 27 million people and harbours animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. However, environmental issues such as flooding, erosion and pollution pose significant risks to its current state.


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Nestled in Nunavut, Canada's largest island spans 5,07,451 square kilometres, surpassing Spain's size.But only 13,000 people live here. Its rare animals like polar bears, ringed seals and nesting birds attract a flock of tourists.

Baffin Island

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The world's second-largest island, with an area of 7,85,753 square kilometres, is divided between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. It has an astounding population of 14 million people.

New Guinea

The world’s largest island, covering a ground area of 13,24,007 square kilometres, is governed by ‘Denmark,’ a country that is much smaller in size. However, despite its size, it's home to a mere 56,000 individuals.