Weighing the Pros and Cons of Home Learning

Whether it’s due to geographic restrictions, a lack of good options or just a need to reinforce learning, there could be a number of reasons why you choose home learning as an alternative for your child. Like any other system, learning from home comes with its own set of advantages and pain points. Before choosing the right method and tools of home tutoring for your child, let’s weigh its pros and cons. Here, we will specifically take a look at home learning in the context of online tutoring and digitally empowered learning.


Gives your child time for other pursuits

Effective home learning with the help of online tutors can save your children a lot of time. Without the hassle of commuting to attend tuitions and with the convenience of learning any time, online education frees up your child’s schedule for other important things. This could be a hobby or learning to play a new instrument or other extra-curricular pursuits that interest your child.

Learning at your own pace

Online tutoring gives children the option to access learning material anytime and anywhere. This allows children to learn at their own pace, without the added pressure of keeping up with the rest of the class. This allows children to focus more on topics they struggle with and further strengthen what they’re already good at. 

Learning with comfort

Learning from the comfort of your own home can have certain advantages. Without needing permissions for bathroom breaks, uncomfortable seating positions and the humdrum and noise of the school environment, your child can focus on learning. Today’s children

More well-rounded learning

Home tutoring does not only include reinforcing scholastic learning, but also provides the opportunity to teach children important life skills – such as communication, interpersonal skills, as well as self-esteem and responsibility. These are aspects that are not always given as much importance at school and home can be a great environment to sharpen these skills.


Too much screen time

Children these days are technologically adept and spend a lot of time in front of screens. So much so that it’s a common practice for parents to limit the screen time that they get in a day. Online tutoring will increase their screen time, although it is for a good cause. So it might be prudent to limit their TV time or other on-screen activities to make space for online tutoring.

Relying on bandwidth

Another issue that cannot be taken for granted is the availability of high-speed reliable internet. Connectivity issues can cause repeated interruptions in the learning process and upset the flow. While some of us take bandwidth availability for granted, not all of us always have access to reliable internet connectivity to support uninterrupted online tutoring. This could be tackled by downloading material beforehand, but that also presupposes the availability of a fast internet connection and storage space.

Lack of socialization

A key aspect that children are exposed to in the school environment is the ability to interact and form relationships with their peers. This socialization at school is important in building character and cannot be substituted for at home. Learning with peers also instils a healthy sense of competition in children which can also be missing in the home learning environment.

Lack of equipment and facilities

While theoretical learning is well suited for the home learning environment, some of the practical aspects can be a challenge. This is especially true of higher grade science education which includes frequent visits to the laboratories. While the occasional do-it-at-home experiment is easy to handle, access to some of the equipment and facilities that school labs provide can be a hard challenge to meet at home.

Thanks to the internet and recent technological advances, home learning is fast rising as a convenient option to supplement children’s learning. While it comes with its own set of above-mentioned challenges, we’re a time where the gap between scholastic learning and home learning is quickly being bridged. 

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