What are Shooting Stars?

As a child, you might had gather around for the chance to see a shooting star in the sky. People believe that the shooting stars are the God, who glances at people on the earth. And, whatever wish they make will come true. As soon as we hear about shooting star, image that comes to our mind is of a star having a long trail of light behind it. But Surprisingly this incident of a shooting star does not have nothing to do with the falling of a star, and it is not even a star.

A shooting star is just another name for a meteoroid that burns up as it passes through the Atmosphere of the Earth. These meteoroids are small objects just like a piece of sand and as big as Boulder.  The ones which are smaller than a piece of sand are called interplanetary dust.  And, if they are bigger than a boulder, they are known as asteroids. Hence, Shooting star is not at all star.

A meteoroid strikes the atmosphere and leaves a bright trail behind and becomes a meteor. We can see that bright light in the sky because of the ram pressure of the meteoroid.  The streaking light in the sky is known as Fireball when a meteorite is larger.  This streak is bright, and it lasts for more than a minute. There are some that are so big that they make crackling noise as they pass through the atmosphere. Some of the brightest meteoroids are Geminids, Leonids and Perseids

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