Failure in JEE Mains: What to do next?

JEE Mains results are out, and the ones that didn’t make it through JEE are disappointed. So are their parents, teachers, and well-wishers. But what if I told you that this is not the end but a new beginning?

To solve any problem one must go to the root of the problem, so first, let’s figure out where did you go wrong in the JEE?

Our counselorsatByjus have contemplated the top three reasons, of why students fail to get through JEE Mains:

  1. Not Prepared Enough!

JEE Mains is not only tough but also highly competitive. It’s obvious that to compete in this exam; your preparation has to better than other 90%.Also, the preparation should be in the right direction. Sometimes we put in a lot of effort, but end results don’t reflect the same. This is when it’s time to bring a change in your methodology.

  • When you study concepts, try visualizing them using real life examples
  • Every time you have to revise a concept use Adaptive study* method

*Adaptive learning involves learning a concept in a video lecture followed by a test where your concept will be judged at every stage. At step 1 if you fail to answer correctly you will be made to understand the concept behind and how to solve it, this will be followed by a few similar questions to assure if you’ve understood the concept. After this, you’ll be asked stage 2 questions and so on.

  1. Prepared Way Too Much

This phenomenon is omnipresent in JEE Exams! Students swing in the extremes, as too much of anything is harmful, and this applies to JEE preparation as well. To prove that you are a worthy IIT aspirant, individual sometimes stress themselves so much that it works against you. This is the most common mistake many aspirants do.

  • Instead of referring ten different books for the same topic, try studying from a single standard book
  • Refer Byju’s JEE study material that strictly abides by the NCERT syllabus.
  • Our comprehensive study material maintains uniformity in information thus saving time.
  1. Problem With Managing Time

Time management is definitely an issue when comes to exams like JEE. Solving the entire paper in limited time is an extreme challenge which many IIT aspirants fail to! The trick is to know your strong areas in all the three subjects Physics, Chemistry, Math and proceeds accordingly

  • Instead of spending too much time solving a difficult question, use that time to solve other easier questions first that would carry more marks when combined.
  • Use a quick revision tool to save time while preparing for JEE.

Just like the phoenix that rises from the ashes you can perform much better next year if you take note of the points mentioned above.

Most importantly, instead of stressing about exams you should be confident of what you have studied. We advise our students never to give up on their dreams!

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