Stream To Choose After 10TH

Hard work is the key to success but ever wondered which direction should you be breaking your neck? To decide which course to take after 10th, you need more than just an analysis of your grades.

There is a very simple technique to find out the stream that is most suitable for you to take after 10th or the final goal towards which you may work.

A career in courses after 10th like medicine or engineering does not depend on how good your grades are after 10th. It also depends on what personality you possess or the qualities you have, your approach towards academics, etc.

There are important questions to ask yourself before choosing a course after 10th. What is the one thing subject you would study without being pressurized by parents or peers? The one subject that holds your interest and you may have tried to gain more knowledge in, irrespective of whether that helps you score more marks or not.

Suppose the subject in question here is literature. Then you may do well in humanities and can later aim for a career in media and entertainment. Similarly, if you are interested in Mathematics and Sudoku puzzles, there is a good chance that you would do well with jobs that require problem solving and quick calculations.

One thing you must always keep in mind is that your interest in any subject is directly proportional to the quality of mentor-ship you have received so far.

It may be too early to decide if you would be interested in engineering, medicine, Law, etc. But since you are supposed to determine the stream now here’s a simple test to find if you should be taking Science after 10th.

Download the Byju’s app. Go through any one topic from Math, Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Now ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did I understand what was taught?
  2. Was it interesting enough to study at least 2 hours every day?

If the answer to both the above questions is a ‘yes’, then you most probably will do well in science courses after 10th. So you could safely choose PCM or PCB after 10th. The pros of choosing Science over commerce and humanities is that you could quickly switch to the other streams during graduation, but same is not the case vice versa. All courses after 10th, require lots of hard work and sincerity so choose wisely. Always remember that if applied in the area of interest, hard work is fueled by passion. This will help you decide the right course after 10th.

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