Why do people burp?

Have you ever noticed when you swallow the air while eating too fast, you immediately feel the urge to burp? It is an involuntary action performed by the stomach to make way for the excess gas formed in the stomach or swallowed, escape. There can be many reason why the air gets into the stomach or formed in the stomach. We might have swallowed air that must have relieved, these gases such as nitrogen and oxygen buildup and increases to the upper part of stomach creating pressure in the surrounding area and hence, causing an urge to burp. The second best reason to belch is the carbonated beverage that we drink like sodas, chewing gum or some drinks sucking through the straw ,eating peas, beans, and high fiber foods, eating onions, chocolates or drinking alcohol can trigger belching. Burping can also be a symptom of indigestion. Burping might be the result of taking too much stress, tension and anxiety that causes the blood pressure to rise, or stomach infection and medical conditions related to Digestive tracts.

A burp is also called belch; and in its medical term it’s called erucation. By definition, when the gap is released from the stomach clearing mechanism for removing excess gas in the digestive path or track, it is called belching. Excessive burping can be a symptom of disease inside the stomach, if faced, then consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Now lets see how to treat burping? 

We should eat slowly and try to avoid talking while eating so to avoid excessive air entering our stomach. Nasal allergies and cold should be cure as soon as possible as it makes us swallow excess air. We need to avoid carbonated and gassy drinks. And also, we should try reduce stress.

What is the cultural acceptance of burping?

Some people also burp intentionally for entertainment purposes. In India and China, burping is acceptable in public. In Middle east burping is considered very rude and should be in silence. In the western countries, belching is considered as a compliment to the chef as a  symptom of enjoying a good sumptuous meal. However, burping-out-loud is considered as an impolite or rude act even if it’s unintentional. So the next time you burp, don’t forget to add “Excuse me” after that. 😉





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