Why do we Feel Hungry?

Everybody likes to eat tasty food. Some like it spiced up while some like it to be sweet. Depending upon their taste, people choose their eatables. Whenever we are hungry, we get a crave to have something. But what is actually responsible for the hunger or why do we feel hungry?

Hunger is a way of letting us know that we need to have food. Hunger is a powerful human instinct which at times, when severe, compels us to extreme behavior like when we are extremely hungry our brain stops working. It’s our body’s response to having eaten less than enough or an indication to eat at a regular interval.

The brain reads the changes in the levels of nutrients and hormones in the body and makes us feel hungry. When hunger starts to contract the stomach, it is referred as hunger pangs. Hunger pangs normally don’t start until 6 to 7 hours after the last intake of food. Individual contractions are usually separated at first but are continuous after a certain period of time. The hungry feeling is also enhanced by low levels of sugar in the blood and those who are diabetics. Although according to researches, hunger never disappears. It’s contractions are most intense in young and healthy people who have high degrees of gastrointestinal tonus and periods between contractions increases with age but contractions tends to decrease during old-age.

How full we are is strongly influenced by what we eat. When we don’t feel we are full, our brain keeps searching for food. Different types of food affect the brain in various ways. For instance, fatty foods trick the brain to believe that you have eaten fewer calories than you had, and makes you overeat. Similarly, some foods give a lasting sense of fullness. Fibre triggers the release of a gut hormone that makes us feel full. But, a low fibre diet or fruit and vegetables leaves you open to feelings of hunger.

You must be hungry by now after reading all about food and hunger. No need to stop yourself or suppress your hunger, just eat what you want. But just make one thing for sure that you eat healthy and avoid junk and fatty foods. Be active and enjoy your meals.

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