Why Do Most Indian Teens Hate Physics?

Every student has different tastes in terms of subject understanding and preferences. But, according to surveys, Physics is one of the subjects that has maximum haters in India. When you hear the word ‘Physics,’ the most common pictures that come in our mind in derivations, problems, theories and much more, which cannot be mugged up. But there has to be some major reasons for why do most Indian teens hate Physics.

According to well-qualified teachers, students face difficulty in representation of experiments, calculations involving formulas, graphs along with theoretical explanations. In addition, students have to be able to transfer graphical representation to mathematical representations.

On a whole, we can summarize the most common reasons to why do most teens hate Physics.

  • Lack of interest
  • Basics not clear

If student’s interest is kept aside for time being, Physics consists of topics and theories that need a proper understanding of basic concepts. And this thing needs proper explanation that can only happen by good teaching. If the teacher assumes that the students are already well equipped and just need a formal explanation, that does not work for everyone. Many students who already doesn’t like Physics, start losing interest and concern about understanding. But if the teaching is made bit more interesting by indulging video classes and representations, many students start taking some kind of interest. Byju’s provides many video classes of Physics concepts that involve animated teaching, which gravitates many students from textbook study. A possible reason is, something that can be visualized has more impact than something that can only be read through texts.

If any subject learnt with interest and a positive vision of knowledge, can never give any kind of hatredness to anyone. Students need to think everything in a positive manner and believe in hard work.

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