Why it’s important to set-up your own study space at home?

While tutoring yourself at home, your study space is crucial at determining how effectively you study. A good study space can make or break your learning process during home tuitions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to find the quietest corner at home and set it up as your study space, but it does mean that you should find a place to study that fits your own individual personality and learning style. Whether it’s for online classes, project work or just routine learning, setting up your own study space can really accelerate your tasks. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you set up your own study space:

Why having your own study space matters

Good study space can make your home tuitions go by like a breeze. A bad one can magnify all the existing bad study habits that you may have. Chalking out your own space and claiming it specifically for the purpose of studying gives you a sense of propriety over the space. As you keep tutoring yourself within your space, you build an associative link with your study space. Eventually, entering your study space will automatically put you the right frame of mind to study.

Identifying your study space

Everybody has their own style of learning and own personal preference for their study environments. Some like soft music in the background and plenty of free space. Some prefer cozy corners that are tucked away from all the noise. Some prefer plenty of breaks during home tuitions and some like to make deep dives for long spells. Depending on how you like your study environment, you should pick the most conducive spot in the house. If you subscribe to online classes, you might want to pick a space with a big screen. Or perhaps you prefer a smaller screen and earphones. Whatever the case may be, make sure that your study space is well suited to your preferences.

Setting up your study space

Visualise your study space before you start making one. Picture the best position for you to place your chair and visualise how you would organise all your learning materials around it. Try to ensure that your study space is well lit and has plenty of fresh air. This will keep you fresh and active during home tuitions. Allocate fixed places for your things and keep them well organized. If you have limited space to work with, see if you can accommodate your study space for multiple purposes. You could resort to one set up for say your online classes and switch to another for homework or school projects. 

Establish ground rules for your study space

You can avoid unnecessary friction with other members of your family at home by establishing some ground rules around your study space. Communicate with your parents and siblings and share your home tutoring schedule with them. If you’re the kind that can study effectively in spite of taking frequent breaks, let them know about it! A few words in advance can save you a lot of misunderstanding later. 

Personalising your study space and getting habituated to it

With everything else in place, now it’s time to own your space! Decorate it however you like to seal the deal. Perhaps a motivational poster or two, or maybe a whiteboard and a marker could find a strategic corner. Some people would even go as far as naming their study space. Why not! Warriors name their swords. Bikers name their bikes. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get familiar with your study space by giving it its own name! The idea is to get habituated to your own study space so that you can build a routine that’s perfectly suited to your home tuitions schedule.

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