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6 Years Of BYJU’S

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From a classroom of 100 to an app used by 12 million students

From a team of 10 driven minds to a talented army of 2000

Valued at 800 million, after 6 prolific years,

Today BYJU’S is on its way to becoming the largest education company


Every story has a beginning, and every beginning has a back story. A dream that began in the remote village of Azhikode, in Kerala followed its success to the remotest corners of the country and is fast expanding to different parts of the world. Headquartered in Bangalore, BYJU’S was the brainchild Byju Raveendran, leading a team of India’s brightest and most steadfast minds.

We all know how that story panned out….

From a small coffee shop “class room” where it all began, we fast grew to 12 million students, all supported by 2000 passionate BYJUites who  harbour one goal of – ‘spreading the purple and white around the world by creating better learners’. It all started with a thought and a vision – a thought that in a country with a population of 2 billion – a large percentage stays literate but uneducated.

The vision following this thought was to provide high quality content and access to great teachers, to every child across the country, helping them learn. And not just traditional learning by rote – as is followed and accepted by most institutions, but to inculcate a love for learning. This vision was fueled by the decision to break the clutter, designing learning programs and styles for every student with any proficiency level, making them fall in love with learning.

After all, the purpose of education, if possible,  should be as much about creativity, as it is about literacy.

The dream was to create a niche for Team BYJU’S wherein we could provide each student a haven of multi-dimensional learning and transform them into life-long learners.

This dream was envisioned 6 years back. Over these 6 years we created the umbrella under which quality teachers and study materials were developed. The dreams of one man unfurled onto his ever-expanding team members – the dream to take education to every student’s home and teach them in the most personalised fashion, reiterating the importance of the basics. And over the 6 years, we have driven the love for learning in 12 million students across the country – which means these children no longer view education as a compulsory burden. They view it as a window to a world of miracles and opportunities to dream bigger. Though the percentage of students reached out to is small, the motive is unanimous – to make learning a student’s first love.

A company that was ideated several years before these 6 official years of functioning, stands on the pillars set up by a dream team who joined the team out of pure faith and belief in the innovative and revolutionary ideas put forth, and the impact it can have on the world around. As the dream team grows bigger, we at BYJU’S proudly celebrate 6 years of spreading the love for learning laying down before students an open window to a new way of looking at the world.

6 Years,

Of inspiring students,

Of unique learning experiences,

Of powering the most creative minds,

Of a family that pioneers and grows.



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Parikshit Kochhar

November 30, 2017

Have been a Happy and Proud member of the Byjus family for almost 6yrs now. WOW!!! what a journey it has been. I take pride in introducing myself as a person associated with Byjus. The great experiences that i have had of interacting with students of different schools across K12. Meeting parents and just introducing Byjus and sharing the vision and goal of the organisation which motivates them to join hands with us, Trust us with the children and their future and sending them to our classroom……the feeling is just too good.
I wish the organisation grows at an ever growing pace, even after when I move on. ALL THE BEST.


November 30, 2017

Congratulations, on celebrating 6 glorious years, wishing you many more years of success BYJUS. . .


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