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Byju Raveendran invests $400 million in BYJU’S as part of $800-million fundraise

Team StoryWeavers|March 17, 2022, 18:55 IST|

BYJU’S has raised $800 million from Sumeru Ventures, Vitruvian Partners and BlackRock. Byju Raveendran, Founder and CEO of BYJU’S is a part of this fundraise and has made a personal investment of $400 million.

Over the years, BYJU’S has seen a growing global investor interest given the scope of impact the sector has, along with recognising the need and demand for tech-driven learning. The company has a strong and diverse investor portfolio with partners who play a crucial role in the company’s growth story.

Talking about his recent investment, Byju Raveendran, Founder and CEO, BYJU’S said, “We continue to witness accelerated growth in Indian and international markets through both organic and inorganic routes. Our sustained focus is on achieving our long term goals around creating life-long value for our learners. For that, we are imagining and reimagining the way students will learn, unlearn and relearn in the future. Our aspiration is to build something that will last for decades.

Emphasizing on the importance of India in the global edtech ecosystem, Byju added, “I have always believed that edtech is a sector where India has the potential to create global champions by solving the trilemma of cost, quality, and scale. We will continue to invest in multiple learning models to provide students with quality education across the world.”

Mike Risman, Managing Partner of Vitruvian hailed BYJU’S’ prowess in transforming the scope of education saying, “As a leader in the edtech space, BYJU’S strong growth and expansion in national and international markets has been very promising. We look forward to working with BYJU’S as it builds on and accelerates its compelling growth trajectory.”

With 150+ million learners on its platform, an annual renewal rate of 86%, and an NPS score of 76, the edtech company is constantly innovating and introducing multiple learning programs in various formats across age groups and geographies.

With value creation and student-centricity at its core, BYJU’S continues to redefine education around the world, creating jobs and leading the way for disruptive education with students at the helm of this revolution.

BYJU’S has also empowered 3.4 million children from the remotest corners of the country with digital learning through its ongoing social impact initiative, ‘Education for All’, which aims to impact the lives of 10 million children by 2025.

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