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BYJU’S appoints former Facebook tech lead Majid Yazdani as VP, BYJU’S Lab

Team StoryWeavers|March 23, 2022, 12:17 IST|

Former Facebook tech lead, Majid Yazdani has joined BYJU’S as it expands its technology and research capacity to create effective learning solutions for students. 

Research and innovation has been a significant aspect of the BYJU’S growth story. Taking proactive steps towards furthering this research and innovation prowess, BYJU’S has appointed Majid Yazdani as Vice President – BYJU’S Lab to create more impactful learning programmes for students globally.

Working on personalisation and other AI applications to the education sector, Yazdani – who was formerly associated with Facebook –  will be responsible for incubating new ideas and delivering breakthrough solutions across BYJU’S ecosystem of learning products at BYJU’S Lab.

Yazdani has over 15 years of experience in the field of technology and AI. An alumnus of Sharif University of Technology with a B.Sc in Computer Engineering, he earned his Ph.D from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in June 2013. Yazdani started his career as a Staff Scientist at LinkedIn and joined Facebook AI (Meta AI) in 2018 to construct neural networks with compartmentalised knowledge and reasoning. He has made significant contributions to Facebook’s customer support using large-scale generative language models. Yazdanialso holds three patents and 24 research papers in the fields of natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Sharing his thoughts on his new role at BYJU’S, Yazdani, Vice President, BYJU’S Lab said, “Technology in education is not just about automation, but also about harnessing it in the best way possible to empower students into becoming lifelong learners. Education has the power to change the world, and I’m pleased to be joining the BYJU’S family and embarking on an exciting new path to deliver tech-driven learning to make quality education accessible, equitable, and contextual for every student.”

Yazdani will be operating from the United Kingdom and will set up a team of research scientists to work on innovative and powerful learning experiences for students. This is a part of BYJU’S initiative to tap further into the global talent pool by actively recruiting a wide range of applicants in the United Kingdom, the United States and India.

Congratulating Yazdani, Dev Roy, Chief Innovation and Learning Officer, BYJU’S said, “We are excited about having Majid on board and scaling up BYJU’S Lab by harnessing the global pool of highly skilled technical talent. At BYJU’S, we are entirely student-centric at our core. Every decision is made with an all-encompassing promise to support the student lifecycle from the grassroot level. By assembling a robust team of high-caliber specialists, BYJU’S aspires to make technology accessible and approachable. This will allow us to push limits, create value, and create more impactful learning programmes for students globally.”

BYJU’S Lab, launched in 2021, aims to be an incubator of new ideas, provide cutting-edge technologies and deliver breakthrough solutions across BYJU’S ecosystem of learning products. Students are at the center of the innovation hub, which strives to develop impactful learning experiences by integrating technologies like augmented reality, AI, computer vision capabilities, gamification, and more. The highly skilled team will focus on projects with longer gestation cycles that require comprehensive analysis to get significant insights into children’s learning habits.


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