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BYJU’S The Learning App is now a Harvard case study

Team StoryWeavers|October 16, 2020, 06:05 IST| 1

The journey of brand BYJU’S, which started off with classroom sessions for test prep to becoming India’s largest education technology company today, is now a Harvard Business School case study. The case study focuses on how brand BYJU’S is changing the way children learn across grades and geographies and how it has used technology along with a unique combination of content, media and technology to enable students across the globe. BYJU’s is one of the few Indian startups to make it to the reputed Harvard business publishing platform, others include Flipkart and Paytm.

Titled as “BYJU’S The Learning App,” this case study will be available for teaching purposes within and outside Harvard. Authored by John Jong-Hyun Kim, a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, and Rachna Tahilyani, Associate Director, Harvard Business School India Research Center, the case studies the growth of the app, its impact on students and how this K-12 app can be used by students globally.

Talking about brand BYJU’S being a Harvard Case study, Byju said, “It is very humbling to have our brand story as a Harvard Business School case study. This further encourages us to innovate and build learning programs to revolutionize education and create a whole new segment of self-paced learners globally. We believe that education is still the best way to make it big for millions of people across the globe. Our efforts are to help children learn better, realize their potential and chart their own life journeys based on their education.”

Byju Raveendran was also invited to take a class at the prestigious Harvard Business School, where he interacted with the class to discuss how learning can be personalised with the help of technology.

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Karan Sinha

July 11, 2017

a wonderful achievement for Byju’s raveendran and the whole team behind byju’s educational business


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