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FIFA World Cup: BYJU’S new ad film charts the journey from ‘Someday’ to ‘Day One’

Team StoryWeavers|November 21, 2022, 13:07 IST|

BYJU’S has marked the beginning of the football season with the launch of a patriotic film titled ‘Someday’.  The edtech major, which is one of the title sponsors for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, showcased the aspirations and desires of billions of Indians to see the Indian National Football team represent the country in the international sporting tournament in the future.

Watch the film here: 

India has been home to sporting talent for generations and the film captures how football fans and aficionados in the country follow the game with as much passion as they do for other sports. Conceptualised and created by the in-house creative team, the film gives words to this passion by highlighting how with the right support and encouragement India too can and will shine bright on the world football stage.

Speaking on the film, Vineet Singh, Vice President – Brand and Creative Strategy, BYJU’S, said, “What sportspersons learn on the field are vital lessons that guide the entirety of their journey in life. At BYJU’S, we are champions of all forms of learning both inside and outside the traditional academic system. Through this film, we pay homage to the millions of football fans in India and tip our hats to their determination, strength and spirit to learn. We are certain this passion will someday translate to India sharing in the international football spotlight.”

Last month, BYJU’S announced football star and global sports icon Lionel “Leo” Messi as the first global brand ambassador of its social impact arm, Education For All. A not-for-profit, social impact division, EFA aims at bringing about a positive systemic change to the education ecosystem.

The program aims at democratizing education by ensuring that children across all economic backgrounds get equal access to quality learning opportunities. With a mission to empower 10 million underprivileged children by 2025, the initiative has already impacted 5.5 million children in the remotest corners of the country.

Credits for ‘Someday’ – BYJU’S X FIFA World Cup:

In-house BYJU’S brand team –

Vineet Singh, Vice President Brand and Creative Strategy

Writer and Director – Vishal Sagar

Creative supervisor – Ajinkya Ketkar

Art directors– Jaipal Singh, Bhawna Chandra

Project Manager – Anil Kumar, Sunakshi Sood

Digital & Social Team – Adityan Kayalakal, Nidhi Daiya, Bhakti Jaiswal, Ron Bhuyan, Nishita Shah

External team –

Production House – Dora Digs films

Executive Producer – Akshay Shah

Producer – Muskan Singhal

Assistant Director – Vinayanak Dubey

Director’s Assistant – Payal Nagpal

DoP – Shubham Sharma

Music Director – Sneha Khanwalkar

Voice Over – Kabir Bedi

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