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BYJU’S – The Learning App: Why does it Extensively use Visuals for Learning?

Team StoryWeavers|January 23, 2023, 11:12 IST|

Our mind is a potent tool whose limits have not yet been fully explored. Some minds are highly creative, while others are logic-based. No matter what type of mind you have, one thing that sticks out is its ability to get stimulated by visuals. We might remember an incident in the past as a memory, which is what we mostly perceive through sight. Anything we read, we understand better when we try to visualise it. Our brain is wired to recognise visuals much faster than any other form of information; this is exactly what we at BYJU’S, have incorporated into our app.

Visual learning sticks better:

According to a study by the Visual Teaching Alliance, our eyes can view 36,000 visual messages in an hour. We can process a visual scene in less than one-tenth of a second. 90 per cent of all information sent to the brain is in the form of visuals. Our brain has an unusually high visual processing speed that is 60,000 times faster than that of text. This explains why visual learning is a powerful tool and enhances students’ learning experience.

The perks of learning through visuals:

Learning using visual aids like graphics, designs, animations, and other objects offers students a host of advantages:

  • It helps students relate better and understand concepts thoroughly.
  • Conceptual learning goes hand-in-hand with visual learning.
  • Students are better able to recall what they have learned.
  • Visuals are retained in memory for a much longer time than text.
  • It also stimulates students to imagine and improve in their studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Students become more confident in expressing their views and explaining what they have learned in their own words rather than regurgitating what they have learned through rote memorisation.
  • It saves them a lot of time as visual learning eclipses any other form of learning in terms of speed.

Visual learning promotes conceptual understanding:

Ending rote memorisation remains a challenge for many students. This stems from the fact that students cannot understand the underlying concepts. BYJU’S App has been successful in helping students with conceptual learning with the aid of visual content. This is how BYJU’S students have ended rote memorisation and the habit of mugging up.

Faster learning with visual content saves students a ton of time which could be used for other activities in the student’s life like building a new skill or engaging in outdoor activities etc.

BYJU’S App has a massive library of videos accessible anytime-anywhere:

The explanatory videos in the app have a loyal fan base. These videos are uniquely interactive and descriptive, with teachers using audio-visual tools to explain underlying concepts of science and mathematics. This has been critical in simplifying complex concepts and helping students learn faster. These classes are easily accessible anytime and anywhere and can be viewed any number of times until one is thorough with the concepts.

BYJU’S has set a new benchmark for visual learning that remains unrivalled today. With massive updates and innovative improvements in the app each year, students are expected to benefit massively from it.

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