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No pain, no gain: The importance of our pinky toe

It’s summer, it’s hot and you are wearing an open-toed sandal. You are casually walking around in your house when...

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There’s more to tasting food than we thought

Did you know that a teeny weeny organ might be peacefully hiding in your throat without your knowledge? Yes, it’s...

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Can You Heat a Building With Your Body Heat?

First started by a Swedish real estate company by the name of Jernhusen in 2011 in Stockholm, the idea of using the heat generated by commuters in a busy building to keep the building warm has caught the attention of many eco-friendly architects, naturalists and public in general across the world.

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The Hair-Raising Science Behind Goosebumps

Imagine swimming in a lake on a hot summer day. The water is quite warm, but the wind is strong...

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