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What If? #007: What If Mountains Just Stopped Existing?

Welcome to BYJU’S ‘What If?’ where you, the students, get to ask us your questions. It can be anything in...

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Is the colour magenta an illusion?

You must have heard the quote looks can be deceiving, but did you know you’ve been deceived many times in...

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The Origin Story of the word ‘OK’

Here’s a quiz: which is that one English word that is recognized throughout the world and no other word of...

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Sleeping on it: 5 Discoveries and Inventions Made in Dreams

Have you ever been so occupied with a thought or a problem that it continues to be with you in...

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Can Your Cat or Dog Tell What Time It Is? The Answer Will Amaze You!

It’s five o clock, and your dog is excitedly wagging her tail and nuzzling against you. Your furry friend is...

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#PapaToPartner Contest Winners Are Here!

On this Father’s Day, we asked you to send us your pictures and videos of the moments when your papa...

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How To… #3: How to make your own game?

Dear Students, You loved our DIY Corner. Now you have the chance to choose which DIY activity we do next! ...

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Strangest Natural Wonders That Look Like They’re Straight Out Of A Movie

There’s no doubt that planet Earth is awe-inspiring. Even with all its magnificence and majesty, the Earth can also be...

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Collectively Speaking – Have You Heard of These Collective Nouns for Animals?

We are surrounded by a world full of strange and wonderful animals. To describe these fascinating beasts, our language has...

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