How To Participate in Class

By Ashritha Raghavendra

July 20 , 2022

Why Classroom Participation Is Important

– Improves conceptual understanding – Builds communication skills – Encourages research on key topics – Improves memory – Promotes the healthy exchange of opinions

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Class discussions are often about a specific topic. Reading through the concept beforehand can help. Take note of points that are unclear to you so you remember to resolve your doubts. 

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Pick A Good Seat  

Get to your class on time and make sure you sit where you can clearly see your teacher and the blackboard. This enables easy interaction with your teachers when you ask questions.

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Actively Listen

You can’t really participate in discussions if you have no context of them, can you? Develop your active listening skills to improve your concentration in class. This ensures that your doubts and inputs are relevant to the class.

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Get Involved

During class, try to think out loud — raise your hand and share your thoughts. You can do this by answering a classmate’s question or sharing your perspective on the topic of discussion. 

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Keep It Simple

If you are nervous about framing your question right, rely on the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ questions. These are a great way for beginners to participate in class. Remember to keep your insights brief to make them effective.

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Share Stories

Another fun way to participate in class is to talk about your relevant experiences. For instance, if you are discussing  India’s independence, you could narrate anecdotes that your grandparents shared. 

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Tips To Overcome Anxiety in Class

– Write down questions. – Ask your teacher for guidance. – Speak up when you have doubts. The anticipation of speaking can make you more anxious. – Get to know your classmates to feel more confident during discussions.

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