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Why Do Some Plants Eat Insects?

Meet Bob! Bob belongs to the stunningly gorgeous Venus Flytrap family. He is super friendly! Just like his other plant...

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World Earth Day: How can you do your bit for the planet?

When was the last time you disposed of garbage mindfully? Or do you use smartphones minimally by choice? Congratulations! You...

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The Bizarre Venus Flytrap!

Imagine walls closing in on you suddenly out of nowhere! The more you move, the faster the walls close. Sounds...

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Weird But True: 10 Facts About Plants That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you want to be a quizzing wizard who can unleash unbelievable facts at the drop of a hat? We...

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The marvellous underwater marine life

Varsha loved the waters. Just the very act of being in the water made her feel really calm and peaceful....

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Grow these 3 indoor plants for fresh air!

India’s air pollution has been making headlines for the past few years now. It’s no surprise when our capital ranks...

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Plants Are Smarter Than You Think!

Herby, the hibiscus, was spending a regular afternoon basking in the sun. He had his leaves turned at just the...

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