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Sunday Challenge #04 – The Solar System

It’s Sunday! That means it’s time for a new BYJU’S Sunday Challenge! Every Sunday, we’ll give you a fresh set...

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Six strange objects ever launched into space

Three years ago, on February 6, 2018, Elon Musk, head of SpaceX and Tesla, launched a car into space. The...

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Flying High: The Origin Of Air Travel

Last month, on Origin Story, you read about the history of ships and the adventure of sailing. This month, let’s...

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Crazy Myths About Birds And Why They Are Not True

Myths about birds have been around for a long time. What used to be thought of as the “Gospel Truth”...

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Why Is The Moon Rusting? Even Scientists Are Stumped

Here’s a bit of news guaranteed to surprise you: the Moon is rusting! Seriously. New research from ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar...

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5 Games Astronauts Play in Space!

  Did you ever wonder what astronauts do in their free time in space? According to NASA a  popular pastime...

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NASA’s Mars Rover ‘Perseverance’ Lifts Off – All You Need to Know

Continuing its never-ending quest to study our closest neighbour in the solar system, NASA has successfully launched its latest mission...

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What Can We Learn From The World’s Explorers?

Sometimes, it can feel like our problems are bigger than everyone else’s. It can feel impossible to move on and...

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What is So Special About the Pink Supermoon

Every few months, we get all excited about some or the other ‘supermoon’ event. Colourful names are chosen to describe...

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