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“It is my students’ eagerness to learn that drives me.”

Team StoryWeavers|September 05, 2023, 18:52 IST|

When Monika Chauhan, the chemistry teacher for her high school students, enters the classroom every day to inspire them a little more about the subject, it makes her proud. “I come from a small village in Himachal Pradesh”, she says, “and being able to teach in big schools in the city and getting my students interested in Chemistry drives me to be a teacher.”

She reveals more about her techniques and teaching ethics in the due conversation with BYJU’S Team Storyweavers. Read on.

What was the moment that made you proud?

One of my students got selected for IIT Bombay. He is currently pursuing chemical engineering there. Quite a few students I taught also got chosen for NIT and other eminent institutions. Some of my present students are doing exceptionally well in science. It’s an actual moment of pride when my students do well. 

Tell us about your most significant learning as a teacher. 

Students observe a teacher’s behaviour very carefully. As a teacher, I try to be a role model for students. I try to be a learner every day and behave the way I want them to behave with me. That’s the most important thing I learned as a teacher.

What about challenges?

Generating interest in topics is a dire challenge for a teacher. With reduced attention spans in teenage children, creating an apt learning environment is the toughest challenge.  As a chemistry teacher, explaining everything in chemistry theoretically inside the classroom is very difficult. In labs, it’s pretty difficult to demonstrate and present simultaneously. 

We’re sure you’ve found a solution!

Yes! We have started using videos in the classroom, which has helped me manage the class significantly and explain using visuals. The concepts are explained well, and the practice tests after every lesson help the students stay attentive since they’re always trying to evaluate if they can answer the questions correctly. A typical class period is 45 minutes. I spend half the time teaching theories and the remaining half using videos and practice test lessons to strengthen the learning. What I love about BYJU’S lessons is the 2–5-minute recap.

“As a teacher, it is my students’ eagerness to learn that drives me”, Monika concludes. 

Ms. Monika Chauhan is a chemistry teacher and is a proud member of BYJU’S 1500+ strong school teacher community–The Teacher’s Staffroom. 
She teaches at Rao Kasal Public School and her school is a BYJU’S for Schools powered school.

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