10 Things U.S. Presidents Can’t Do In Office

By Raza Mehdi

Jan 06, 2023

U.S. presidents are not allowed to drive cars on public roads for their safety and security purposes. The last president to drive on a public highway was the 36th president of the U.S., Lyndon B. Johnson.

Drive a car on a public road

The United States Secret Service is responsible for the protection of political leaders. They need to be aware of every threat, including the usage of personal technology like phones and laptops by the presidents.

Use personal technology unmonitored

There are rules for presidents to accept expensive gifts from world leaders and other dignitaries. Gifts over US$390 (₹32,216) have to be given to the National Archives. Anything less is considered a souvenir or mark of courtesy.

Accept expensive gifts

Presidents can go out for dinner, but the Secret Service will need sufficient notice so that they will be able to secure the restaurant. Plus, the food taster needs to be present.

Make instant dinner plans

Image: Pexels

The Secret Service restricts the president from using commercial airlines. Although they hardly need to since they have the Boeing 747 plane, also known as Jumbo Jet, specifically built for presidential use.

Use commercial airlines

Going to the movie theatre is not an option. For presidents and their families, the movies are brought to the White House, where there is a small theatre that they enjoy with big buckets of classic buttery popcorn.

Go to the movies

The Secret Service agents carry a briefcase dubbed "nuclear football" while travelling with the president. The exact items are unknown, but it equips the president to confirm his identity and contact the National Military Command Center during an emergency.

Can't go anywhere without the "football"

The Secret Service mandates that all the windows stay closed for security reasons. This rule also applies to windows in all official transportation.

Open the windows in the White House

The assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 while riding a convertible car during a motorcade was a turning point regarding presidential security. Presidents riding an open-topped convertible is no longer permitted.

Ride in a convertible car

The presidents are prohibited from cleaning the office or throwing away mail. Everything must be meticulously sorted and cleaned by other White House staffers before it's thrown out.

Clean their office