Welcome to BYJU'S Kids Camp'22

By Aparna Desikan

May 23,2022

All about the camp

It's one of the biggest virtual carnivals organised by BYJU'S for young learners, filled with activities, contests and more. It has something for everyone.

Exciting contests

We have easy and innovative contests to stimulate and encourage young craft lovers and wordsmiths. Winners will also get exciting prizes!

Fun quizzes

For young quiz lovers, we have some exciting quizzes about the world to pique their curiosity and challenge them!

Summer recipes

Children would love to have a fruit popsicle or other child-friendly drinks as a tasty and healthy way to beat the heat. We have just the quick recipes for you!

Interesting facts

Your child will love to learn about animals that sleep through summer, cooling superfoods and other fun scientific facts from around the world.

Fun Activities

Look no further for fun activities and learning games that would give your child some much-needed intellectual stimulation.

DIY activities

Your child can decorate their room and the house with these simple DIY crafts using easily-available materials!

Learning games

Easy downloadable learning games that pique your child's curiosity and strengthen core skills while they play and learn.