Exciting Earth Science Careers 

By Sara Fathima

September 29, 2022

Earth Science? 

The study of earth and other planets. It’s a combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Geology, etc. Earth scientists help locate and develop minerals, protect the planet from indiscriminate human activity and more. Here’s a look at some Earth Science careers 👉

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Engineering Geologists

Identify geological factors that can potentially affect construction projects. They also investigate sites to evaluate  the environmental impact of construction. 

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Study ancient fossils and help in tracing the evolution of life on the planet and estimate its existence. It involves knowledge of biology, geology, biochemistry and mathematics. 

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Study natural features and processes such as mountains, glaciers, rock erosions, etc. A blend of geography and geoscience is used to understand the topography of the earth and how it was shaped. 

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Petroleum Geologists

Conduct tests to locate the presence of natural gas and oil deposits using scientific methods in onshore and offshore sites.  A demanding role because of the competitive oil market. 

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Study the physical aspects of the earth  with help of gravity, seismic waves, and magnetic fields. These studies help  provide a picture of what lies below  the earth’s surface and are useful in  the oil industry. 

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Analyse the composition structure and processes of the earth. It involves examining the distribution of chemicals  in rocks and minerals and their movement on soil and water systems. 

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What to study? 

- Complete 10+2 in the science stream - BSc in Geology or 5-year BS-MS degree     from IISER - Write GATE for PG in Geology  - Clear UPSC to work with the government

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