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A Fun Quiz For Food-Loving Kids

By Aparna Desikan

September 16,2022

BYJU'S Quizlets

Did you know food takes 24 to 72 hours to move through your digestive tract? Take the following quiz to see how many interesting facts you know about food. Answers in the LAST slide.

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Which among these foods is healthy? – Cereal – Chips – Chocolate cake – Soda

Question 1

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Which among these foods is mainly made of fruit? – Cranberry juice – Cheese – Cake – Pizza

Question 2

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What is an omelette made of? - Egg - Carrot – Milk – Cheese

Question 3

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Rice gives us energy. It is made up of —--? – Carbohydrates – Proteins – Vitamins – Minerals

Question 4

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A person who doesn't eat meat, eggs and milk products is called ______ – Vegan – Fruitarian – Vegetarian – Eggetarian

Question 5

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Which mineral is found in milk that keeps our bones and teeth healthy? –Calcium – Zinc – Iron – Iodine

Question 6

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 Which among the options is the food that comes ONLY from plants? – Salad – Cheeseburger – Pizza – Sandwich

Question 7

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1. Cereal 2. Cranberry juice 3. Egg 4. Carbohydrates 5. Vegan 6. Calcium 7. Salad

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