Surprising Ways To Make Learning Fun For Children

By Sonakshi Kandhari

July 15, 2022

Learning By Singing

Nursery rhymes have been around for generations. Packed with learning, rhymes hone your child’s language and listening skills, builds self-esteem and improves hand-eye coordination and creates a happy vibe!

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Fill in with colours

Many children are visual learners. This method makes the learning process faster, and easier. It’s a great way to introduce new concepts, cater to a variety of learners, and educate children about the world around them.

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Learn through conversations

A meaningful conversation with your child is an effective way to learn. You can read a book, ask open-ended questions or play make-believe games. This process can improve their imagination, confidence and vocabulary.

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Exploration leads to discovery

When children explore the world around them, they immerse themselves an all-new experience. Introducing them to options like tactile games and nature walks promotes problem-solving skills and cognitive development.

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Learn during playtime

If utilised well, you can turn playtime into study time by choosing the right games for your child. Playing games like 'Simon says' or solving puzzles can helps with language learning, developing their decision and problem-solving skills.

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Fun with experiments

Your child is already engaged in experiments of their own when they drop objects on any surface or play around in the water. They discover the result of a particular action. Encourage them to lead, discuss subjects and go on nature strolls to pique their curiosity.

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Learn through chores

Assigning age-appropriate chores for your child inculcates independence and builds life skills. Chores as simple as setting the table or picking up toys also increase their sense of responsibility and make them feel competent.

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Gardening as a mindful activity

Gardening teaches a child about the life cycle of a plant, nutrition, and more. Tending the plant makes them develop reliability patience and creativity. When your child joins hands with you, they learn team spirit as well!

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