Top Tips To Beat Procrastination While Studying

By Sara Fathima

August 13, 2022

What is Procrastination?

Delaying a task instead of completing it.  This happens when the task is unpleasant,  or when we feel overwhelmed by it.

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Craft Your  Checklist 

Make a to-do list of all the tasks you must complete in a day. You can split the big ones into smaller chunks if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume.

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Partner Up 

Get yourself an accountability partner who can check up on you regarding your deadlines and goals. This could be a friend or a family member.

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Eliminate It

Out of sight is out of mind. Limit your distractions to get the work done. Switch off your phone and find a quiet corner. You can also drown out sounds with help of white noise. 

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Smart Breaks

If you’re tempted to do something else other than the task at hand, make a note of the activity and continue with the task. When you’re on a break, do the activity. This neat trick helps overcome procrastination. 

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Spruce Up 

A clean and functional study space goes a long way in helping you concentrate while studying. Ensure you have stationery, water, and a healthy snack by your side. 

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Small Wins

Seeing results keeps you going. It’s the same while studying. Finishing simple tasks first will inspire you to stay focused to take on the bigger ones. Start by covering easy topics first and move to the complex ones later. 

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Treat Yourself

Remember to reward yourself after study sessions. This will help you celebrate your wins and also stay focused because you know there’s a cake or a spa session waiting after all the hard work. 

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Rest Is Must 

Procrastination has underlying causes  such as fear of doing poorly or being  judged. It is often a part of anxiety.  Therefore, it’s important to take a step  back when you’re stressed and fatigued

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