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How well does your child know farms?

By Aparna Desikan

October 22, 2022

BYJU'S Quizlets

Did you know that some breeds of chicken lay blue and green eggs? Test your knowledge of farms in this fun and informative quiz. Click the next slide to take up the quiz

Image source: Pexels

Which motor vehicle does a farmer use to drive around the farm? – Car – Tractor – Scooter – Ship

Question 1

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What is a baby horse called? – Piglet – Calf – Foal – Cub

Question 2

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Which of the following does a cow eat? – Grass – Cake – Hay – Fruits

Question 3

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What do hens lay? – Eggs – Fruit – Milk – Grains

Question 4

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What's a young goat called? – Kid – Lamb – Baby goat – Calf

Question 5

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1. Tractor 2. Foal 3. Hay 4. Eggs 5. Kid

Image source: Pexels


If you scored 5/5 - you are an expert!  If you scored 4/5 - you are quite knowledgeable about farms!  If you scored 3/5,  you know farms fairly well!  If you scored 2/5, you can learn a bit more on farms!  If you scored 1/5, farms are interesting, learn more about them!

Image source: Pexels