Morning Exercises for Students

By Sara Fathima

April 29, 2022

Good Start

Studies suggest that some form of exercise in the morning boosts your mood. Not just that, it leaves you energised to take on the day. 

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Begin your day with an inchworm stretch. It makes for a good warm-up exercise. It helps stretch your back and hamstrings. 

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Quick Run

Going for a 20-minute-run will help you start your day with a sense of accomplishment. You can do this at a park or on the treadmill.

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This simple home exercise helps  in strengthening your muscles  and improves metabolism.  Each push-up takes you less  than a minute. 

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Help build a strong core and abdominal muscles. Start with basic crunches with  the right posture. Aim for 15-20 reps.

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Jumps & Skips

This pumps up your heart rate and increases the blood flow. They also help tone your calves. You can begin with 15-20 Jumping Jacks or skips. 

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Is a challenging but effective exercise  for your entire body. All you need is a  flat surface. You can start by aiming  for a 30-second-plank. 

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Start your day with fun and tunes. It helps you de-stress and boost your heart health. What’s more? It won’t even feel like exercise. 

Image source: Unsplash