Species Discovered in 2022

By Priyanka Mehta

July 29, 2022

Burneo’s Oldfield Mouse

The largest of the Thomasomys species in the country, find this mouse in Montane forest, Sangay National Park, Andes.

Image Source: Wikipedia


Thomasomys burneoi

Jiangxi Giant Salamander

New species of world’s largest amphibian, also known as “living fossils'', meet the only Chinese Andrias species with a genetically pure wild population.

Image Source: Wilderness Society


Andrias jiangxiensis

Spiny Lizard

This new species belongs to the torquatus species, counting up the number of species in the torquatus group to nine.

Image Source: Zenodo


Sceloporus huichol

Spiny Horntail Dragonfly

First spotted in by the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, this species comes with a combination of characteristics, distinctly known for its unique shape of genitalia.

Image Source: Wikipedia


Burmagomphus chaukulensis

Sponge Crab

Most stylish crustaceans in our oceans' sponge crab’s fluffy coat provide protection and produce unpleasant chemicals to deter predators.

Image Source: ResearchGate

Western Australia

Lamarckdromia beagle


The word ‘swiftae’ in the scientific name honours famous US singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. Recently, 17 new species were found in the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains.

Image Source: Wikipedia


Nannaria swiftae

Rose-Veiled  Fairy Wrasse

New-to-science, stunning fairy wrasse is first-ever fish described by a Maldivian scientist. Named after the country’s national flower, the species is added to the tree of life as part of the California Academy of Sciences’ global Hope for Reefs initiative.

Image Source: Wikipedia


Cirrhilabrus finifenmaa


Recognised as the first Paraguayan important area for the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, however, it currently has no legal protection.

Image Source: EurekAlert


Cirrhilabrus finifenmaa

Tapir Frog

Popularly compared to chocolate frogs from the Harry Potter books and films, this species s found in Putumayo Basin, has brownish-red skin, a 'blobby body' and is only 0.7 of an inch long.

Image Source: Wikipedia


Synapturanus danta

Tree in the Ebo Forest

The tree grows leaves are oblanceolate with distichous arrangement. The species is named after Leonardo DiCaprio, actor & environmentalist.

Image Source: Wikipedia


Uvariopsis dicaprio

Peat Swamp Tree

First of its kind discovered in such a habitat, peat swamp tree is differentiated from its kind by characters including its smaller corolla lobes, large sepals, habit and large fruit.

Image Source: Zenodo


Disepalum rawagambut


The first case of a species found on only one type of tree is inside the culm (shoot or stalk) of a bamboo. It is now Thailand’s rarest tarantula.

Image Source: ScienceNewsExplores


Taksinus bambus


This lithophytic plant is a newly discovered species (growing in or on plants), is an orchid that has speckled leaves and shower yellow-orange blooms.

Image Source: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Gastrochilus pankajkumarii