Teachers' Day: 10 Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

By Raza Mehdi

Aug 05, 2022

Trees teach us that as seasons or situations change, we must learn to accept change and wait patiently. Trees stand firmly when their leaves fall in winter. That's the self-assurance we should all follow.


The vast ocean is made up of a drop of water. Similarly, each human being plays a role in the development of society. Oceans teach us that we are all a small part of the great world.


Birds soaring through the sky teach us to have freedom and discover our true potential if we overcome our fears. Birds find it scary to fly for the first time but attempt it anyway; we must too take a leap of faith, spread our wings and soar.


From ants, we can learn the necessity to plan and look ahead. Ants store their food during seasons of plenty to have adequate amounts in times of scarcity. We can also learn the lessons of unity from ants who all participate together to benefit their community.


For the most part, darkness is considered unpleasant. But can you appreciate the light if there is no darkness? Similarly, we need to know and experience contrary ideas so we understand and learn valuable lessons from them.

The Night Sky

Winds teach us that not all things that exist can be seen or touched. Some things need to be felt. We don't have to limit ourselves to our five senses. We must develop the practice of using our intuitions when the situation demands.

The Wind

Do you know that the Blue Ridge Mountains are the world's second-oldest mountain range? These breathtaking extensive mountains took over 1 billion years to form. Someone has rightly said- The key to everything is patience.


Loyalty is considered one of the greatest bonds that dogs can share with humans. Similarly, we should do the same. Spend time with your loved ones. Show them affection and have empathy towards others. This will build loyalty and prove to them that you are devoted.


Snakes teach us that it's necessary to shed our personality and allow for a better version of ourselves to emerge. Success is guaranteed when we constantly learn and improve ourselves.


A beautiful sunset shows us that no matter what happens during the day, it ends with an envision of the coming new day. So be thankful for the good things that happened in the day and let go of the bad ones.