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The Amazing Forest Quiz for Kids

By Aparna Desikan

October 14, 2022

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Did you know that EIGHT out of TEN land animals live in forests? Take up this quiz to test your knowledge of forests! Click the next slide to take up the quiz!

Image source: Pexels

Which forest in India has lions? – Gir Forest – Baikunthapur Forest – Nanmangalam Forest – Vandalur Reserve Forest

Question 1

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Which of these countries has the smallest forest area? – Greenland – South Africa – France – India

Question 2

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Which of these forests gets the most rainfall? – Tropical evergreen forests – Deciduous forests – Mixed forests – Grasslands

Question 3

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Which of these animals are NOT found in dense tropical forests? – Lion – Tiger – Puma – Leopard

Question 4

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People hugged trees to save forests in India. What was the name of the movement? – Chipko Movement – Save Forest – Go Green – Save The Trees

Question 5

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1. Gir forest 2. Greenland 3. Tropical evergreen forests 4. Lion 5. Chipko movement

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If you scored 5/5 - you are an expert! If you scored 4/5 - you are quite knowledgeable about forests! If you scored 3/5,  you know forests fairly well! If you scored 2/5, you can learn a bit more on forests! If you scored 1/5, forests are interesting, learn more about them!

Image source: Pexels