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The Ultimate Farm Quiz for Kids

By Aparna Desikan

October 22, 2022

BYJU'S Quizlets

Did you know that cows have four stomachs that help them break down large amounts of grass they eat? Take up this quiz to test your knowledge of farms! Click the next slide to take up the quiz!

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What is the process of growing crops by watering in regular intervals called? – Agriculture – Irrigation – Cultivation – Plantation

Question 1

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Which of these animals jump when they are happy? – Elephants – Sheep – Rabbits – Horses

Question 2

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What is the meaning of the farming term - monoculture? – A place with only one kind of crop is cultivated. – A place where animals are reared. – A place where bananas are grown. – A place where many crops are grown.

Question 3

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1. Jersey, Ongole and Holstein are breeds of which farm animal? – Horse – Cow – Goat – Pig

Question 4

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What is the name of the place where farm equipment is stored? – Barn – House – Garage – Apartment

Question 5

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1. Irrigation 2. Rabbits 3. A place with only one kind of crop is cultivated. 4. Cow 5. Barn

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If you scored 5/5 - you are an expert! If you scored 4/5 - you are quite knowledgeable about farms! If you scored 3/5,  you know farms fairly well! If you scored 2/5, you can learn a bit more on farms! If you scored 1/5, farms are interesting, learn more about them!

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