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The Ultimate Forest Quiz for Kids

By Aparna Desikan

October 14, 2022

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Did you know that there are more than 500 kinds of animals and 2000 kinds of birds in the Indian forests? Test your knowledge of forests in this fun and informative quiz. Click next to begin

Image source: Pexels

Which animal does NOT live in the forest? – Lion – Tiger – Shark – Bear

Question 1

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Which of these plants/trees are NOT found in the forest?? – Potted hibiscus – Banyan tree – Neem tree – Mahogany tree

Question 2

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Animals and birds like hyenas and vultures eat dead animals. What are they called as a group? – Scavengers – Herbivores – Carnivores – Omnivores

Question 3

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Which of these birds would love the many trees found in a forest? – Woodpecker – Eagle – Stork – Crow

Question 4

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What is the act of cutting down trees in a forest called? – Afforestation – Felling – Deforestation – Tree mowing

Question 5

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1. Shark 2. Potted hibiscus 3. Scavengers 4. Woodpecker 5. Afforestation

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If you scored 5/5 - you are an expert!  If you scored 4/5 - you are quite knowledgeable about forests!  If you scored 3/5,  you know forests fairly well!  If you scored 2/5, you can learn a bit more on forests!  If you scored 1/5, forests are interesting, learn more about them!

Image source: Pexels