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Isaac Newton and Harry Potter Were Searching for the Same Thing

Whales evolved from tiny deer-like animals, mussels could start filtering ocean waste, pyjamas became popular during World War 1 –...

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Tell Me Why #8: Why is the Earth, Sun, Moon and all planets round in shape?

Welcome to BYJU’S ‘Tell Me Why’ where we explain to you the ‘why’ behind anything and everything that’s been on...

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Pi Day: Test Your Maths Trivia Knowledge With This Fun Quiz!

Maths is perhaps the most divisive of subjects. While some love the world of numbers, some others enter it at...

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Guess the Genius Quiz: Identify the World’s Greatest Innovators

We have many innovators to thank for the modern world that we live in today. But, how much do you...

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Genius In Writing: Einstein’s Manuscript Sold For 13 Million Dollars

At the dawn of the 20th century, in the year 1915, a young 26-year-old scientist changed Physics forever. It was...

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The Oldest Living Creatures on Earth

It is common knowledge that most humans are obsessed with life-expectancy.  Therefore, in order to ensure that they live long...

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How did BYJU’S Topper Ishita Score 99 Percentile in JEE Main?

“I was never a technically inclined person. In fact, if I go back and ask myself if I see myself...

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Your Ultimate Slime Recipes at BYJU’S Lab

Summer holidays are almost over and it’s time to head back to the wonderful world of learning. To make your...

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