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How did BYJU’S Topper Ishita Score 99 Percentile in JEE Main?

Team StoryWeavers|June 12, 2020, 06:54 IST| 12

“I was never a technically inclined person. In fact, if I go back and ask myself if I see myself giving these exams, I would say no. I was always an artistic kind.”

But perhaps the balance of an artistic mindset coupled with immense hard work are the very things that helped Ishita Vyavahare crack JEE with a whopping 99.06 percentile in the JEE Main. A clear-thinking, confident student from Pune, Ishita talks about the first time physics inspired her. 

“In class 9, I read about Isaac Newton’s ideas for the first time. Newton has a very philosophical way of thinking. He always tried to find a deeper meaning to what he was doing. I thought that was profound. That was the first time it occurred to me that you could explain the entire world using physics and maths,” says Ishita introspecting.

BYJU’S – The Learning App is Ishita’s learning companion that helps her visualise important physics and maths concepts. “I started studying from BYJU’S when I was in class 11, so all my concepts are from there. The visuals on the app make the topics all the more interesting and you can practise questions right after you learn a concept. That’s a great way to learn,” she adds.

An aspiring physicist, Ishita’s approach to studying for JEE is pegged on balance. “Practically speaking, JEE is a hard exam. In a school exam, you may be given 3 hours for 30 questions but in JEE you have to attempt 90 questions in 3 hours. It’s thrice as difficult. So there always has to be a sense of balance when you approach it,” she says. 

Here are some of Ishita’s top tips on how to approach JEE:

1. Don’t hype the exam. When you do that in your head, you tend to get nervous.
2. Keep giving mock tests. It’s better to straighten out your kinks in the mocks so that you don’t make any in the real exam. 
3. When you’re not able to study don’t be harsh on yourself. When you’re doing a great job don’t gloat. Try to be balanced in every situation.
4. Prioritise quality over quantity when studying. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you have done a lot of work based on quantity alone. 
5. Make sure your food is balanced too. I’ve noticed that when my food has too much sugar or is too spicy, my focus is not up to the mark.
6. Keep moving. Exercise in the evening if possible. You may have to sit and study for a large chunk of the year, so you can’t afford to compromise your body in that situation.
7. Spend your free time with whatever your interest is no matter how good you’re at it. It goes a long way in easing your mind.
8. Even if you don’t make it on D-Day, believe in yourself. No matter what you do, believe in yourself and trust that everything will go okay. 

Team Storyweavers wishes the bright and self-assured Ishita all the very best for her future endeavours and we hope her tips help you in your preparation too!

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Shivali kesarwani

March 11, 2021

Some understanding question not a full understanding


July 5, 2020

Wow you are so curious about learning maths. But I am not expert in maths so I want you help to get very easy method to be expert in maths. I read in class 5.

Thanks ……


June 13, 2020

I’m vry intensive to jee and my dream destiny is at NIT…. but the time was ending
I heartily congrats u for ur outstandong efforts

Sujal Maheshwari

June 12, 2020



June 11, 2020

Really…ur efforts bring an urge of working more harder into me as well..all the best for ur future…keep doing well

Divya b gowda

June 11, 2020

All the best for your future. Even my aim is to do let me clear the jee advance and mains. I’m still in 10th grade. I think ur words are gonna inspire me and Whis me for the best


June 11, 2020

Outcome of consistent work…… with determination.


June 10, 2020

Gr8 learning time

Yogendra Randad

June 10, 2020



June 9, 2020


Pooja .v

June 9, 2020



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