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Adventures of Jax And Jane – King Septus’ day On Planet Earth

Team StoryWeavers|November 07, 2022, 16:16 IST|

It’s a fine morning in Jollydale! But, the treehouse was unusually quiet. “We haven’t heard from anyone in a while…” hummed Jane. “I agree,” said Jax. They both looked at their world map, which hadn’t lit up in days. 

Just then, the world of Galaxium glowed on the map. “Whizzing hat!” exclaimed the siblings, as they got ready for another adventure. And lo, they were gone in a flash.

And landed right in front of King Septus’ throne in the palace. 

Toot! Toot! You are here. So glad you came, Jax and Jane,” said King Septus, wrapping them both in a warm hug. 

Happy to be here, King Septus,” replied Jane and Jax to the King of the planet Septurn.

I have a surprise for you. Let’s go!” said King Septus, with an enthusiastic grin!

Before long, they were back on planet Earth! King Septus’ private submarine for marine life exploration stood ready. He has always been excited to learn about the ways of Earth from Jax and Jane.

Wow! Thank you, King Septus. A private submarine experience!” said Jax.

This is amazing! We can show you everything that we know about marine life,” said a thrilled Jane. 

Oh yes! That’s what I hoped for by bringing you on this submarine. Let’s get in!” replied King Septus.

They all moved in the submarine, looking through the windows into the water world around them. King Septus looked at everything in awe. The dolphins moved playfully between the  fishes that were swimming around, while a lone octopus sat on the ocean bed, asleep.

That’s an Octopus, ” pointed Jane, who realised that King Septus was staring at the eight-legged creature.

This view is magnificent,” replied King Septus. 

Suddenly, the whole submarine became dark. And they couldn’t see anything outside. 

Oooohh” said Jax and Jane.

What’s happening?!” asked a confused King Septus.

Jax and Jane laughed at the King’s reaction. A blue whale had come too close and had covered all the windows of  the submarine. 

That was a Blue Whale, King Septus,” said Jax.

Blue Whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth,” explained Jane. 

Toot! Toot! And I thought elephants were the largest,” said King Septus.

Well no! A Blue Whale’s tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant,” said Jane.

As they spoke, the whale moved away and a flood of light filled the submarine again. King Septus couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the blue whale swim in front of the submarine. He had never seen or heard of such blue-grey giants living in the water.

Shh!” King Spetus told Jax and Jane, “What if it hears us and comes back?

Don’t worry. Sometimes, Blue Whales sleep while they swim. So, it might not hear us,” said Jax.

We cannot hear them as well. But you know what, blue whales have one of the loudest voices on Earth,” added Jane.

Just then, the blue whale opened its mouth and King Septus couldn’t help staring at its big teeth.

Oh my! I wonder how big its toothbrush would be! I should get one for myself that size,” he exclaimed.

Jax and Jane couldn’t help laughing as they well knew King Septus’ fascination with toothbrushes. 

We don’t think blue whales brush their teeth,” grinned Jax and Jane.

“Ah! I see. Well Jax and Jane, thank you for showing me the Blue Whale. It’s time to head back to my planet and let my people know all about the blue whales!

“You are welcome King Septus. We should get going too,” said Jax and Jane, grabbing their whizzing hat!

Whooshh! Thud! Thud!

Back at their treehouse, Jane sat down to write down their adventure and Jax hopped on to get a snack.


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