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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Dinosaur In Electropolis

Team StoryWeavers|November 07, 2022, 16:16 IST|

“The whizzing hat,” said Jax and Jane unanimously, as they saw their world map lit up. Electropolis was glowing.

And within seconds they were off! Whooossshh! The treehouse was empty. The dinosaur toys they were playing with were laid to rest. Jax and Jane’s make-believe game of dinosaurs was done. However, they did not know what awaited them in the world of Electropolis.

Thud! Thud!

They tumbled into Dr Zoop’s front yard in Electropolis. Kiki was there to greet them!

“Hello, Jane and Jax! I have a surprise for you!” said a thrilled Kiki.

“What is it, Kiki?” said Jane.

“I am very curious… Can’t wait to hear about it!” added Jax.

“Well, let me show it to you!” said Kiki, mysteriously.

And they walked to Dr Zoop’s backyard. Something huge was covered under a white sheet. 

“What’s that?” whispered Jax, trying not to sound too scared.

“What do you think it is?,” grinned Kiki.

“A giraffe?” hummed Jane.

“Behold!” said Kiki and pulled the sheet off!

“WHOA!” said Jax and Jane. 

“It’s a Dinosaur skeleton, of course!” said Kiki. “I found it during one of my excavations and brought it to Dr Zoop’s place for further research. Thought you two would like to see it.”

“It’s magnificent!” said Jane.

Jax was still in a daze. He couldn’t believe that moments ago, during their make-believe play, he had wished that dinosaurs were real, and the skeleton alone was making him wonder.

“Jax! Did you know that dinosaurs lived on Earth until around 65 million years ago before they went extinct?“ said Jane.

“Extinct? So there are no dinosaurs in this entire world now?” asked Jax. 

“Not a single one. Paleontologists believe that the dinosaurs’ extinction may have been due to an asteroid or a volcanic eruption,” explained Kiki.

“Umm… Paleontologists? Let me guess…They are people who know all about dinosaurs?” said Jax

“Bingo!” chimed both Kiki and Jane.

“Kiki, I’ve always wondered if all dinosaurs looked alike! I’m sure paleontologists know about that too…” asked Jane.

“They sure do. And I know it from their books,” replied Kiki “Here, take a look at this dinosaur book!” Kiki showed Jax and Jane a big book with dinosaurs.  

“Do you see? Not all dinosaurs looked alike. Some walked on two legs whereas others walked on all four legs. Some had horns and spikes, while others had thick bumpy skin, and some even had feathers.” said Kiki, pointing at different dinosaurs in the book.

“Wooooah!” exclaimed Jane.

“I wonder what it would be like to have seen them for real,” said Jax.

Suddenly, they heard a roar! “What’s that?” asked a frightened Jax.

“It’s not…it can’t be the dinosaur, Kiki?” said Jane, turning around, hoping to look at Kiki.

Kiki was nowhere to be seen. “Where did she go?” they both looked around and while they heard the roar again and much closer!

“Oh noooo!” They ran into the lab screaming and ran into a laughing Kiki.

“Haha! You got scared listening to the sound of a dinosaur, can you imagine living around them for real?”

“I don’t want to imagine. I am just very glad that they don’t live around us,” said a relieved Jax and Jane couldn’t help smiling at Kiki’s way of helping them understand that they are better off without the dinosaurs around them.

“And thaaaat’s the Kiki way!” said Kiki, twirling proudly.

On that note, Jax and Jane returned to their treehouse. Jane couldn’t wait to write all about their adventure in her journal.

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