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How Does Playing Chess Benefit Children?

Team StoryWeavers|July 22, 2022, 12:01 IST| 1

Hello young learners, 

It’s me, Kiki, and I welcome you to another episode in my Knowledge Corner. We are thrilled to see your enthusiasm for our post on the brain and memory. Isn’t the brain truly an interesting organ?

There are a lot of activities that make your brain function better. One of the most interesting ways is by playing brain-stimulating games like chess, scrabble etc. Today being International Chess Day, let us look at how chess triggers your brain cells and benefits your overall wellbeing.

Develops logic and critical thinking

Chess is all about calculating, ‘if my opponent makes a certain move, I have to make one based on that’. It involves using logic to win the game. Playing chess as a young learner will improve your brain’s logical-thinking skills. Players have to plan all the moves, alternatives and possibilities properly. However, they also need critical thinking (the analysis of facts to form a judgement) to handle any surprise moves by the opponents. It is a great tool to improve their overall performance.

Improves focus

With good focus, chess is a rewarding game. But for poor focus, you are penalised as you lose a chess piece every time! Studies show that children’s visual focus and concentration improve greatly when they play chess. As a result, improved focus makes you a better learner!

Problem-solving skills

A game of chess takes the players through several surprise situations. The ability to think through changing moves and come up with last-minute plans is necessary for the game. When you play chess as a child, these skills you learn will come in handy later in life!

Teaches patience

Chess is all about thinking before you make a move. One hasty move can ruin your chances of winning. So you need to be patient before moving a piece. Waiting to make a move or for your opponent to make one develops your patience, an essential life skill. 

Planning ahead

In chess, you learn to think ahead, plan and position your moves to block your opponent’s pieces. Playing chess helps you hone your planning skills that come in handy when you study, play other sports or engage in everyday activities!

Bonus: Human connect 

Unlike video games, chess builds a human connection with your opponents through healthy competition and forges bonds with your supporters, coach and friends through support. When you play chess, you not only build a healthy brain but also build positive relationships and lasting memories.

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Aparna is a mom, singer and dreamer. At BYJU'S, she writes stories about learning for children. She believes in the power of music, especially ghazal, the magic of the universe and happy learners. When not writing or singing, you will find her intensely engaged in conversations about life and the power of words.

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July 28, 2022

I like chess ♟️


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