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Stay Cool and Beat the Summer Heat with these Superfoods

Team StoryWeavers|May 27, 2022, 13:04 IST| 1

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

Hi friends! It’s me Kiki with another episode of Kiki’s Knowledge Corner! 

In summer, we look into how to beat the heat and cool our bodies. As the temperatures are soaring, we need to find ways to cool our bodies other than just drinking plenty of water. Today, we will explore summer superfoods that are easily available around us that can help us cool our bodies and relax on a hot summer afternoon. 

Let’s go!

Basil Seeds (Sabja)

Basil seeds, also known as Sabja in most households, are a fantastic way of beating the heat this summer. One of the easiest ways of consuming basil seeds or sabja is to soak them in water for at least a couple of hours. They swell and become almost twice their size with a transparent, jelly-like coating. You can drink the basil seeds infused water to cool down on a hot summer day. 


Gulkand is essentially a jam made up of rose petals. It is a two-ingredient delicacy made from fresh rose petals and sugar while keeping it in the sunlight for days. It tastes divine and has the miraculous property of cooling down the body on an especially hot day. You can simply eat a spoonful of gulkand or mix it with cold milk to make a gulkand milkshake. 

Fennel Seeds (Saunf)

Fennel seeds, also known as Saunf, are often eaten after meals as a mouth freshener in our country, so we are no strangers to fennel seeds. They tend to have a cooling effect on the body and are perfect for summer. Fennel sherbet is the simplest way of having them. You can simply boil some fennel seeds in water, wait for it to cool, and voilà! Fennel sherbet is ready! Easy, isn’t it?


A nutrient-dense Sattu flour has gained much popularity in recent times. It is traditionally made up of roasted and ground pulses, grains, and cereals and is a great way to replenish your energy in summer. There are multiple ways of having Sattu, like Sattu ladoo, Sattu paratha, Sattu sherbet, and Sattu porridge. 

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice vendors on the streets are a given for most of us. There’s a good reason for it! It is a must-have for summers since it does an excellent job of keeping our thirst quenched and our bodies hydrated. It also keeps many heat-related issues such as dehydration far away from us. Overall, a summer superhero, it deserves a place on this list. 

These superfoods surely do make it easier to beat the heat. However, the importance of a balanced diet cannot be overlooked. Don’t forget to have plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and avoid sugary drinks. And above all, keep a water bottle handy, and happy summer holidays to you!

Do you know any other summer superfoods that you like to have? Please let us know in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: As with any new food, you introduce to your child, start with a small quantity to check how it affects the child. Discontinue if any sort of irritation occurs. 

About the Author

“Me-kha-la!” That happens at least once when she introduces herself to new people. She wholeheartedly believes in the quote by Arthur Rubinstein that says – “if you love life, life will love you back”. She is an organizational psychologist and psychometrician. She was a class teacher of 36 adorable girls for two years, grades 2 & 3, as a part of the Teach For India Fellowship. These little girls have a special place in her heart, and when she writes for children, she writes for them!

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