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Did You Know These Interesting Things About Rain?

Team StoryWeavers|July 22, 2021, 20:18 IST|

It’s the monsoon season and your child must be excited to watch the rain or make paper boats for the puddles! And you must be thinking of rainy day activities that will keep your children occupied and away from catching a cold!

You can use this opportunity to teach them about rain. When it rains, you can introduce your child to the concept of the water cycle and explain the process.

You can also make the learning process a lot more interesting by introducing some trivia that will make your child a curious learner.

We have put together these interesting ‘Did you know’ facts, which you can read out to them during rainy day lessons.

Did you know that not all rain is liquid?

The moment you think of rain,  you would imagine drops of water falling from the sky. But did you know that some rain can also be solid? 

In some places of the world, rain falls in the form of ice. No, it is not the regular snowfall, but,irregular- sized ice that suddenly falls on the ground. This ice would be either transparent or translucent pellets. 


Kinds of rain

Then there is hail, which is also a form of solid rain, formed by balls of snow that fall on the ground. If you are in an area that might have a shower of hail stones, be careful,  it might hurt you. 

Did you know that all planets in the solar system get rain?

It is not just Earth that receives rain. Venus too gets it, but in the form of sulphuric acid rain.Other planets like Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter experience diamond rain. Imagine having a diamond shower! Mars gets ice rain. It is exciting to think of each planet in the solar  system getting a different kind of rain, right?

Did you know that the wettest place on Earth is in India?

If you want to go to a place that gets the most rainfall, it’s right here in India. It is a place called Māwsynrām, in Meghalaya.

Wettest place on earth

This place gets rainfall in all the 12 months of the year. The place also looks beautiful. So, you can visit the place, enjoy the scenery and also get to witness the wettest place on Earth.

Did you know that some cultures dance to welcome rain?

Wouldn’t it be fun to dance and welcome the monsoon? Well, in a lot of Native American, Asian and African cultures, people dance to welcome rain or create rain.

They also dress up in bright colours and wear feathers and perform a dance to bring rain on earth. Maybe you can also learn the dance and perform a routine!

Did you know that running in the rain makes you get less wet?

Here is an interesting trick that can help you have fun in the rain and also get less wet! Just run in the rain, instead of walking.  Scientists say that if you run instead of walking, less moisture falls on you when you are running through it. 

However, you have to be extremely careful while running, so that you don’t fall down and hurt yourself!

Explore more fun aspects about the rain with your child and share with us in the comments if you come across any more fun facts


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